"Amber Lee"

Amber Lee came from a litter of 16 puppies that were advertised in the Dallas Morning News.    She was chosen because of her independence.  She was the only pup that ran from me and I loved her fired up personality.    

Our first years together were spent in Texas.   We were always outside at the lake or playing in the creeks.    I was not one to be inside.   When I'd walk down the shore of a lake, Amber Lee would be parallel with me but in the water swimming.   I never went anywhere without her except for work.   On the weekends, if I was working overtime, she was allowed to accompany me.   

She picked my husband out.  Long story but true.   I owe a lot to that dog and will love her until my last breath.    She was with us until she was almost 13 years old.

check back with us ... we are trying to find pictures from 1984....

amber lee aka "little a"
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