Patriots Malibu Dream, CD CGC

CH Arista's Wild Irish Rogue x 
CH Redcliff Dancing Arrow

Malibu was not our first Irish Setter, but the first Irish setter we brought into our family after Rich and I were married.

We were interviewed by her breeder and put down the first deposit on a pet quality female puppy.

Malibu was whelped on April 22, 1991.   There were sixteen pups in her litter.   Our first wedding anniversary was that April and our interview was conducted in April.    To celebrate our first anniversary, we decided to go to lunch at a wonderful restaurant on the beach in the City of Malibu.    After meeting the breeder we went to lunch and decided, lets name our puppy Malibu.    We still celebrate our anniversary at that restaurant.    Rich and I have been married 21 years now.   

Since I was ten years old, I've always obedience trained my dogs and thought I'd train Malibu in obedience with the hopes of fulfilling a dream to compete with one of my dogs. Bailey and Jewel came into  our lives and my intentions of competing with Malibu were put on the back burner.    When Malibu was ten years old it became apparent to us that Malibu was sad when we took Bailey and Jewel to the conformation ring.   So, Rich and I decided to polish Malibu's obedience training and compete with her.    

Malibu went in the obedience ring three times and received three qualifying scores.   At ten years  young she was awarded her CD - obedience title - by the AKC.    Malibu LOVED showing.   The following year I was reading the August 2002 issue of the Irish Setter Club - Memo to Members newsletter.   To our surprise, Malibu had the highest score for Novice A obedience for that year she had been awarded  her title.    

Malibu lived to be 15 1/2  years old.   She was a dream dog and she will live in our hearts forever.
aka "boo dog"
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Dawn and baby Malibu 12 weeks old in 1991.   We couldn't get Malibu until "some" lady named Pat Haigler graded the litter.   What the heck was grading a litter and who was this person Pat Haigler?    We were given the choice of one show pup in addition to the pet pups.   Malibu won our hearts.
Dawn and the litter of puppies.   Malibu was in here somewhere.   We didn't know which pup would be ours.    What fun - surrounded by puppies!
Malibu's breeder had a "first" birthday party for all the pups.   Here we are in 1992 - Malibu was one year old.
Malibu is awarded her CD title - 2001 at ten years old.
Malibu at home relaxing in her favorite chair.