Puppies were whelped on October 23, 2011
Drew is a happy dad!

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Mom and Teal Boy - 3 days old
The Boys - 6 days old
Maroon Boy 5 weeks old
Two of the boys - 6 weeks old
"Wes" Aqua Boy - 7 weeks old
Merry Christmas!
The boys - 8 weeks old
Dam:  "Behbhin"
Stacked Shots 10 weeks old
"Wes"  Aqua Boy
 12 weeks old
"Wes"  Aqua Boy & "Ray" Blue Boy
 12 weeks old
"Brady"  Yellow Boy 16 weeks old
St. Patrick's Day Parade
"Brady"  Yellow Boy 16 weeks old
"Brady"  Yellow Boy 7 months old
At ten months old, Brady now has six points towards his championship including a 3 point major.
Check back for photos!